IPower Credit Services – Get a New Credit File – $25,000 in Credit 30 Days

Get your affairs in order, your life is about to change.


We offer legal new Credit Numbers!!!


We offer legal SCN/CPN numbers!!! We GUARANTEE that you will be able to begin a New Credit File with our SCN / CPN numbers!!! These are validated as “ISSUED” by a Third Party. It will pass all fraud alerts such as: Safe Scan, Lexus Nexus, Red Alert, Tele-Check, Check Systems.

Numbers are clean and ready to be used within 3-5 days upon receipt. We Guarantee that no one else is using the SCN / CPN that is created for you. We send a database inquiry to validate and lock your identity with the new credit profile otherwise known as “TRI-Merge”.

Keep in mind the two acronyms “SCN” & “CPN” are one and the same thing. SCN = Secondary Credit Number and CPN = Credit Privacy Number. Two ways to communicate about the same legal reference.

We will create a New Credit File for you within 3-5 days by issuing you a validated SCN / CPN that will be TRI-Merged with all 3 Credit Bureaus (details on Packages page). Our numbers ARE NOT from people out of the national death index, EIN’s, TIN’s, or made up 9 digit numbers.

checkWhat You Need For The New Credit Profile:

  • Fill out Our Secure Application with the information below.woman
  • Address (UPDATE: We now provide a new address for you!!!)  We provide you a new home address as well as a new work address. However please let us know on the application page what address we can send your credit cards and any other physical correspondence to in reference to your new account. We will do an address forward for you.
  • A New Phone Number (Use Google Voice its FREE!!!) You can get a pay as you go phone for $20 or download a FREE phone number application from your devices app store like “TextNow” free texting and free phone. The reason the new phone number is important is because it is just like your address, your phone number is tagged with your credit report and identity via social media etc. You also want to make sure when applying for any new credit under your New Credit File you use your new phone number on all applications and also to verify and activate new credit cards as we do when applying on your behalf under packages #2 & #3. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
  • A New Email Address(***UPDATE: We provide the new email address for you!!!) Email addresses are also attached with some credit and also identity so you we make a new one from a different email provider and not use the same usernames or passwords or the same answers for security questions.
  • Your Legal Name – Just use your legal name
  • Date of Birth – Just provide us your legal date of birth

***Special Note: “Do not use your actual mother’s maiden name in any new credit information. This is tagged in all your credit reference’s under your social security number information.”