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Top 10 New CPN SCN Credit Account Questions Answered

Top 10 New CPN SCN Credit Account Questions Answered


When can I start to use my new CPN Credit File?


top 10 new cpn file questions_ipower credit services reviewsOnce we hand over control of the new credit profile to you. We must complete our service to you via the new credit profile package that you purchased. Typically, after 45 business days we can start discussing the methods for you to successfully buy a car, rent an apartment, turn on utilities or buy a home with your new credit privacy number (aka S.C.N. Secondary Credit Number)


How will I get my new credit cards?


We will do an address forward for you from the address we provide you on your new credit profile to the address you gave us on your new credit privacy number application submission that you filled out after payment. See application HERE.

Also keep in mind it is ok if you are currently receiving credit notices from your primary social security number credit profile at the same address you give us on your application. Address forwarding does not reference the credit databases it is only for the mail so you don’t have to worry about getting your physical correspondence from you new credit profile credit accounts at any address you would like to conveniently receive your new mail at.


Do I need to provide a new email address, address or phone number?


You do not need to provide a new address for your account we provide it for you. Also we provide a new email address that we use to put on your credit applications. We do the applications on your behalf. We also provide the password to the email account so you can log in and check credit issuer notices.

However, we do need you to create a free Google Voice number. After you receive your new credit privacy number profile in your email there will be a tutorial on how to create your new Google Voice number. Regardless of the phone number you decide to provide us the bottom line is that the phone number can not be associated with any other credit accounts attached to your primary social. If you create a new google voice number, we can be assured that this is true.


How do I know this isn’t a scam?


Especially in this niche market that is a good question. A few points: We business-a043b87911f06a3799de62b5251833b4b700dc22fc0265c14f66f74f67d8105ehave been in business since 2005.

If any company is telling you to head over to Western Union or MoneyGram, you might as well burn your money in the street and save yourself from all the excuses down the line if they ever even return your call or answer the phone.

If you search “ipower credit services reviews” you will see a few negative review from 2014.

In this particular instance we had a public affiliate taking money from people and not providing service. We resolved the account with the clients even though the negative review remains.

We have helped over 5,000 clients with new credit files over the past 11 years and a few bad reviews is actually phenomenal in this business.


What if I want to upgrade?


If you start using our new credit profile service and see that you are getting what you are paying for and want to upgrade your credit package, then you can add additional tradelines on to your file to boost your score and approvals.


What if I have a friend that wants to do this or I want to become an affiliate?


Please refer to our affiliate page HERE


Why would a CPN SCN credit account take longer than usual to get built out or get a credit score?


Once we send you your new CPN package in your email we need you to get your new free Google Voice back to us ASAP so we can do the tri-merge on your new credit file. If it is a weekend on the end of the month your new credit card approval could fall into the next billing cycle and it could potentially take up to 60 days to finally get the credit score. Every new credit file account is different. Based on area code, zip code, age of client etc. could make the new credit file post a score earlier or later.