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CPN Software - SCN Software - VideoTraining

  • Step by step instructions in a protected downloads access page
  • Screen share training and consultation 1-on-1 so we know you know what to do
  • This is good for brokers and anyone wanting to be in Finance
  • 33+Guides – CPN Number Software – Website Links – FREE Support
  • We show you how to add inexpensive/FREE tradelines to any SSN, CPN, SCN
  • Signing 5 clients a week is very doable
  • SCN CPN Number Software Video Training so you can learn on your own at home
  • Our Video content / screen sharing is exclusively available here and no where else on the net
  • Ask us how to make the purchase price back in your first 2 weeks
  • Sell this same CPN Creation package listed here on this page to 100 people your first year
  • Skip-traced New Credit Files Tri-Merged to all 3 Credit Bureau’s with a 720 credit score in 30 days for all of your clients with support
  • We show how to create: Phone Number, Email, Physical Address, Alternate Working History and all profile data to generate a clean new credit account
  • You will be able to provide all the packages we do to your clients & family
  • Order today and get the complete Business Credit Building guides with this offer (80 Paydex in 90 days)
  • (5) hours of 1-on-1 training with TeamViewer Software

$3,495.00  $2,495.00

Once your payment has been validated you will be provided a password to a secure download page where you will be able to download all Instructions, Guides and Software in order to start making your own tri-merged & skip-traced credit privacy numbers and secondary credit numbers to sell or use .

***Better than any other business that requires carrying product. This service is a Credit Inter-mediation Service that is transferred in digital form so the overhead is very low which allows you to allocate a larger percentage of profits to advertising.***

It took us 12 years in finance to acquire the information you are about to receive. Use it wisely!