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How it Works

ClearXchange unites with the top banks to allow people and businesses to send money to anyone with a bank account, debit or credit card with an account and routing number in the United States.


How to pay for our services with ClearXchange

  1. Sign Up with ClearXchange and Log In.
  2. Attach your routing and account number of your bank, debit or credit account
  3. ClearXchange will make 2 small deposits in your account that you will verify
  4. Use our ClearXchange phone number 530-725-4111 to send us a down payment for the service you need.


Why do we accept Payments this way?

  • You don’t have to waste gas by driving to the bank.
  • You can make a payment in 5 minutes
  • We can start on your account the same day.
  • No fees! Not a one!


Backed by Banks

ClearXchange is protected with bank-level safeguards and the service is utilized by the nation’s top banks; now that’s a service you can trust.


Insider Industry Note:

***Credit Repair and CPN Businesses: Traditional processors do not allow these business types under their terms and conditions. If you try and “fool” the system they end up limiting or closing your account holding up client funds for release back to them.

***You will see shortly after making your payment that our communication and performance make it obvious we strive at providing you great service.

We look forward to working on your account!