IPower Credit Services – Get a New Credit File – $25,000 in Credit 30 Days


What is a New Credit File?

Get A New Credit File In Less Than 30 Days!

This is a confidential and totally new approach; is ideal for folks whose files are loaded with negative information, or beyond repair. The New A+ Credit File program is Guaranteed and take considerably less money, time and effort than anything offered by any “Credit Repair” service. Your new A+ file will be completely separate from your old one. This program is meant to give you a second chance, allowing you to start over from scratch. You New Social Security Number, A+ Credit File already includes a real, approved, unsecured, seasoned high limit line of credit! With this program there is no downside. Your new A+ file will be built by us so that you will have a high FICO score (700 to 800). With our secret strategy, you will have great credit within a short time with just your signature alone you’ll be granted $1000’s in credit for products and services from any bank or business!

Anyone who is 18 years of age and older can use this service. Getting a new SSN# allows you a second chance; a second chance to having no debts, criminal records and absolutely perfect credit. This is backed by the federal government, which means it’s legal. If you have bad credit and low cash you’re not approval friendly to society. In order to operate in this world you need to have good credit. You need credit to open a bank account, get a loan, apartment, car, job, credit cards and low cost insurance.


All of your past bad credit will be GONE FOREVER!!!

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