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What you cannot do with a Credit Profile Number

We have been asked this over and over in the past years, and my answer is, and will always be the same thing.



These are the things you cannot do with a CPN

1. You cannot call it your SSN NUMBER, because it is NOT –

2. You cannot use it for employment purposes.

3. You cannot buy a home with a credit profile number.

4. You cannot pay or file taxes with a credit profile numbers.

5. You cannot secure any government loan with a credit profile number.

6. You cannot obtain an SSN CARD with a Credit Profile Number.

7. You cannot say its your SSN when asked, it is a credit profile number.

8. You cannot have more than one credit profile numbers.

9. You cannot use someone else’s name or dob for a credit profile number.

10. You cannot join the military with a credit profile number.

These rules do NOT change EVER – There will not be anytime in any future where these rules will change. So please remember that.

Also remember – Whatever you acquire with your credit profile number is completely your responsibility – It is NOT a free ride.