IPower Credit Services – Get a New Credit File – $25,000 in Credit 30 Days

Affiliate Quick Start Guide



Quick Start Guide



Twitter-for-authorsStep One: Post To Twitter

If you have a Twitter account, simply copy, paste and post our package details with your FREE Google Voice number or Phone Number on your Twitter account with our images you can right click and save on your computer and/or with a personal message telling about our service. I suggest posting multiple times throughout the day. When they call your number you explain the benefits of our service and fill out the application for the client on our website putting your name and phone number in the referrer field so you get credit.

1287429127_facebook_02Step Two: Post To Facebookipowerad5

Next, do the same with Facebook. Go to Facebook post. Post this 3-4 times per day to ensure your followers see it. Or create a new page just for this offer. You can also join Facebook groups and post your info and number so you can manage your clients and make sure they input your name in the referrer field on our application.

google_plusStep Three: Post To Google Plus

Now on to Google Plus. Follow the same procedure with and make a post to Google Plus.

linkedinblueStep Four: Post To LinkedIn

The same for LinkedIn. Create a specific post to LinkedIn regarding the opportunity with your number etc.

fbgroupStep Five: Post To FaceBook Groups

This step is a little more involved, so we will break it down. There are approximately 200,000 people in the Work From Home groups on Facebook. Each group has anywhere between 10-6000 people in it. So here’s how you penetrate these groups and introduce your link.

First, log into Facebook. Then search for the words Work From Home in the search box, you’ll get a list of groups of Work From Home people. Next simply join the groups that are open to the public and once you are a member, you can post a message to the whole group, this gives an opportunity to advertise your message to possible 5000+ people each time.

email-marketingStep Six: Send an Email To Your List

If you currently have an email list. Simply ask us for a pre-written email to send to your list. Or you can send an email you create with your info and phone number. If you need help creating an email campaign or want targeted leads just ask.

Step Seven: Post To Your Blog

Write a post about IPower Credit Services and the opportunity to your blog. This will gain attraction. Simply let people know what your opinion is of IPower Credit Services and the opportunity.

Step Eight: Post Classified ads on Craigslist, Backpage or over 500 others

https://www.craigslist.org/about/sites  |  http://www.backpage.com/ 

Step 10: Be creative literally 82% of the population is in credit troubles. You can help many people.


Q. How can I make sure I sign a client up properly and get Credit/Commission if referring someone over the phone or family/friend etc.?

A. In order to provide a great service experience for our/affiliate clients be sure to read all the information on our website under the Education sub-menu link above and understand what it means to the client so you can educate them on the benefits of IPower Credit Services.

The next step is to make sure your client fills out the “APPLY NOW” form (top right of the “Pricing” page). Also make sure they process their payment for the Package/Service they need. Make sure to tell the client at the bottom of the APPLY NOW application to put your name in the representative field. Then email or text us to confirm the payment and form submission was completed so you can get credit.